SSC provides full service communications consulting and project management services. Our subject matter experts bridge the gap between the technical design and operational deployment, making every project successful from beginning to end.

The enormous three in PC equipment for the last decade or somewhere in the vicinity have been HP, Dell and Lenovo. Chinese worldwide Lenovo, which made its name by gaining IBM's profoundly respected ThinkPad brand in 2005, is the current chief, with more than 15,000 units delivered in the second quarter of 2019.

Concise communication planning is essential to solicit accurate vendor proposals.  SSC provides the highest quality system engineering and design through the following services.

  • RFP Development
  • Coverage Characterization
  • Legacy System Assessment
  • Operational Overview and Planning
  • Site Acqusition
  • Frequency Identification and FCC Application

Quality and timely implementation is essential to every project.  SSC provides documents, oversight and project management services leading every project to success.

  • System Installation Oversight
  • Tower/Antenna Installation Oversight
  • Fleet Mapping and Database Development
  • Interoperability Assessment and Planning
  • Tower/Site Lease Services

Successful migration to a new communications system is the benchmark by which every project is measured.  SSC subject matter experts have developed and facilitated over 20 successful system migrations.  The following are examples of services provided:

  • SOP Development
  • Cutover Planning & Support
  • On-site Dispatcher & End-user Training
  • Project Website Development and Management
  • Training Video Development
  • Post Cutover Support